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Romantic Maui Weddings...

In a Tight Economy, Our Maui
Wedding Packages Will Help You Get Married in Hawaii

Dear Maui Bride,

Congratulations! Like thousands of our past couples who have planned Maui weddings, you are about to save money and create memories that will set the foundation for your new life together! Magic starts here . . . in the islands of Aloha.

imgMy name is Susan Craft, and I have coordinated Maui weddings for over 3000 brides and grooms, just like you!  You won't regret your decision to save money by having your wedding and honeymoon here in the land of aloha.


I've been a Maui Wedding Planner with Maui Me ® coordinating Maui weddings for over 15 years, and on this website, I will share with you many of our secrets for coordinating affordable, stress-free Maui weddings here in paradise.

I strive to be the best Hawaii wedding planner for all of my couples, so they can concentrate on what's important —building their lives together. Each wedding is unique. So I will be listening to you to find out just exactly what needs to be done to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.


Why Do So Many Happy Couples
Choose to Have Maui Weddings?


Let me brag a little about Maui. If you've been here before, you know what I mean. You'll discover how incredible Maui is soon after your feet first set down on this Hawaiian island. For years the locals have declared, "Maui is the best." And the island has consistently been voted "world's best island" by those visiting here. I don't think there's any place on earth more romantic.

It's not just the beauty. Or the incredible weather. It's everything about Maui, including the tropical breezes and the fragrant aroma of the flowers growing on so many bushes and trees... It's the fact you can see the ocean or a beautiful beach almost everywhere you go.

And it all cries out . . . saying love and romance. "Will you Maui me?" So many couples choose these golden shores to tie the knot for their Maui wedding, because this just happens to be the most incredible place on earth to get married.


img"We will never forget the incredible sunset on the water with the mountains of Maui surrounding us. Your presence at the event was more calming than you could know. I knew instantly that I need not worry about anything as you had all things handled. I can't thank you enough for your assistance with one of the happiest days of my life."
-- Jesse and Dee McLean

img We have the best beaches in all of Hawaii for sunset beach weddings. (More weddings take place on Maui than on all of the other islands combined).

imgThe weather is better here and the crowds smaller than on the other Hawaiian islands. It's an incredible location for a beach wedding ceremony because the best beaches face into the setting sun.


img"Everything was perfect. We wouldn't have changed one thing. Thank you for making our dream wedding a dream come true!"
-- Erik and Krystal Mason

I can't tell you how many times my couples have said to me, "Everything was perfect!" They tell me how their Maui wedding exceeded their expectations. But don't take my word for it. 


img"The wedding ceremony was awesome and I still get all choked up every time I watch the video. The pictures are gorgeous, the music was beautiful, and the whole day was incredible. We literally didn't have to do anything but show up to celebrate our special day. The makeup artist and hairstylist did a fantastic job. I can't say enough about how pleasant our experience was dealing with you both. You took all the stress out of what other brides have said is the most nerve racking day of their lives."
- Ken and Julie Gola

Our Wedding Team Will
Take Care Of All the Details

We make certain all of the many details of your Maui wedding are taken care of so that you can concentrate on each other. We don't want you to have to worry about anything. The major thing you'll need to do is show up with your wedding license — and enjoy your intimate, romantic moment at sunset.

imgYou'll need a wedding license. I'll set up your license appointment with the agent nearest to where you're staying and give you detailed directions on how to reach her.

imgYou'll need a beach access permit. If you are having a Maui beach wedding, we will take care of obtaining the Maui beach wedding permit for you.


imgAre you bringing your wedding dress? You can ship it ahead of time to one of our team members, and I'll have her press it for you. She can even help you get it on if you don't have any attendants.

"Your recommendations were flawless. We didn't have to do anything except show up. Our friends and family raved over our photos and videos. We were extremely pleased with both. Thanks again for everything."
- Dan and Rachel Roberts


When you call, I will be happy to answer all your questions. It doesn't matter how simple the question, I'm here to serve you. Together we'll create a beautiful wedding here in paradise.

Romantic Tips For
Maui Weddings


imgLet me share with you some of the secrets our couples use to have truly romantic Maui weddings. Here are some of my tips:

imgGet married at the beginning of your stay. Why? You don't want to spend your entire stay worrying about your wedding. Get married early, then enjoy your honeymoon without any stress.


imgBe careful not to get sunburned before your wedding! Many couples don't realize how quickly they can get burned here. Be extra careful about exposure to the sun when you get to Maui, even driving around in a convertible can burn you badly.


imgYou might want to keep your wedding small. The bigger the wedding the more likely that you'll be stressed. Couples who come by themselves or with just a few close friends or family seem to enjoy their moment the most.

img"We wanted to thank you for the lovely wedding ceremony you arranged for us on August 29th. I can't say enough how beautiful it was. It was completely organized and no small detail was overlooked. I knew that once we spoke and sent e-mails back and forth this would be a perfect day and it certainly was. I never once was concerned about any detail. Everything just fell into place perfectly. Jim and I felt like the entire ceremony was totally catered to just the two of us."
     -- Jim and Chris Watson


imgPamper yourself with a hair and make-up specialist. You won't have to go into a parlor, I'll send one of my expert beauticians right to your condo or hotel room and she'll create just the right up-do for your beach or garden wedding. Your fiancé will be speechless when he sees how gorgeous you look.

imgDress up in full white wedding gown and formal tuxedo. You can't believe how awesome you will look and feel decked out to the nines, in front of a beautiful Maui beach sunset. Although not all couples dress formally, believe me, it makes the whole occasion so much more special and romantic when you do.

imgIncrease the romance by releasing butterflies at your wedding. We know how to make certain they won't fly off quickly. They'll "hang around" for a while, landing on your fingers and your flowers and on your dress . . . adding to the enchantment of the moment. 

imgIncrease the romance with the experience of releasing two (or more) white wedding doves. You'll treasure for a lifetime the image of them flying off as you release them into the sunset.

imgChoose a decent size photography package. Digital photography comes as standard in all of our Maui Wedding Packages. All of the wedding photography on this website was taken by our own staff. So you can tell about the quality of our images.



"We were so thrilled with the pictures and ceremony! Mark and I came home to Oahu and he returned to Iraq about a week ago. Thanks to you guys, we have beautiful pictures and memories to share with our loved ones and help the two of us make it through the remainder of his deployment!" 
-- Mark and Katie Barton



imgHave the musician of your choice serenade you at your Maui wedding. What more romantic way is there to begin your new life together? Well, let me tell you of one more thing . . .


imgPamper yourselves with an elegant dinner overlooking the beach, AND have a musician there to serenade you as you dine. This will probably be the only time in your life when you will have a gourmet meal served to you on the grass overlooking the beach and lit by tiki torches. 


These are just some of the many little things that you can do to enhance your Maui wedding and make it oh so romantic and fun. If you have any questions about any of my suggestions, just ask when you imgcall.


"We will never forget all of the lovely things that you did to make our wedding so beautiful and memorable. We are  happy to have you add us to your list of satisfied and grateful customers"
     -- Dave and Lisa Jablonski


Great Locations For
Maui Weddings

Many couples would rather have an alternate location than on a Maui beach. If you're thinking about a tropical garden ceremony, a waterfall, or having one of our quaint Maui weddings in a chapel I can help you achieve your vision.

Let me share with you some of my secrets for choosing the best sites for our Maui weddings:

imgIf you want a luxurious garden site, there are a couple of different sites to choose from, on different parts of the island...

imgIf you prefer a Maui wedding chapel or church, I can recommend a several different locations, including quaint old churches and beautiful wedding chapels. I have something for you depending upon your preferences.


imgI also have a great Maui waterfall site that many couples love. But it is right for every couple (which I'll explain when you call).

Many of my couples don't know when they call me exactly what they want. More often then not, my couples depend upon me to tell them which sites and which beaches are the best. So when you call I'll give you all of your options. Feel free to ask me any question when you call. 



My Secret Maui Beach Wedding
Weather Plan

Many couples worry about the weather, especially in winter. They often share their concerns with me on the phone, because they're coming from an area where weather is almost always an issue, or they've heard a weather forecast that includes rain. Let me share with you just some of my "secrets" in dealing with the weather:img

imgI'll help you choose the right Maui wedding location. Maui has definite weather patterns. It often rains on the north side of the island, while it is sunny on the south side.

imgI choose the best beach locations based upon weather. I know which ones are most likely to have great weather. And where there will be less bathers.


imgI also have beaches I go to when the wind is high. Several of these are sheltered so that wind is less of a factor.

imgWe always have a good back-up beach nearby. If it is raining at one beach, it is often dry at a beach nearby. If one beach is crowded with weddings, I have several great beaches to fall back on.

My my 15 years planning Maui weddings, I have only had two or three weddings when one was rained out. And even in those rare cases, the next day dawned bright and gorgeous. By waiting just one day — those couples had a perfect Maui wedding. We can almost always work around bad weather, so you don't need to worry it.

Larger Maui Weddings

When you have a larger Maui wedding, you'll likely face a whole different set of issues. Yes, we charge more to coordinateimg larger weddings, but you'll get all of my years of experience when I'm your wedding planner. The state is now limiting and regulating larger weddings more tightly when it comes to access to our Maui beaches. I'll make certain that your dream wedding won't encounter problems with the state.

imgWill you be a secluded bride? There are unique challenges for secluded brides at beach weddings. I know how to work through those issues so your entrance becomes a truly magical moment.


imgDo you have bridesmaids and groomsmen? Brides often need help with placement and logistics for their attendants. I'll guide you through setting up where your attendants will stand and how they'll enter. I will also make certain that you are at the right spot so that your Maui wedding photographer and videographer can get great images.

imgThe County requires a permit for many larger Maui weddings. If you need one, I will obtain that permit for you (or show you locations where you won't need one).

imgHave the "perfect" large Maui wedding location in mind? Secluded and private, right on the ocean? I have several sites which many other coordinators don't know about.



imgWill your larger party need to arrive safely at the wedding site? I can offer a range of great transportation solutions for you, that will save you money.

imgDo you want to attend a Maui luau with your guests? I can tell you which is the best... Or even help you create your own private luau at a private location.

imgIf you are planning a reception, I have everything you need: DJs, special music, hula dancers, catering, PA systems, lighting, fire-knife dancers, conch shell blowers... and so much more.

imgWill you need a caterer? My favorite Maui wedding caterer is very affordable, and he offers exceptional service. And (unlike many other vendors) he will give you a solid price.

img"I've had people tell me these are the best wedding photos they've ever seen - so kudos to you both! Everything went so well and I am amazed to this day how easy our wedding was (and that's because you guys did all the work!) it really made it all the more relaxing for both of us."
-- Aaron and Abby Fernaays


Because Hawaii is so far away, you will definitely need help pulling together all of the details for your larger, customized Maui wedding. My job is to make it come off like a dream. I'll help you work through everything so you won't forget any of the important details.

Maui Weddings
On A Tight Budget

Let me assure you, tying the knot here in paradise offers real value over almost any mainland wedding. And you won't have to hop on a jet after the service to get away to a remote destination. You'll already be in paradise. One of the hardest things about coming to Hawaii will be deciding what fun Maui activities you will want to enjoy.

imgGet married on the beach. In Hawaii all of the beaches are free, so you won't have to pay any site fees.

imgGet a car rental through us cheap! Unless you don't plan on going anywhere, you'll want to rent a car on Maui. There is a lot to see on our island and an economy car rental will save you money and get you around. Maui Me offers some of the best car rental rates on the islands thru Avis and Budget. Have the convenience of picking up your car right at the airport while taking advantage of our travel agent discounted rates!


imgIf you can only stay a few days... choose at least a four night package at most resorts and you can get the fifth night free. I know which properties this will work for.

imgStay in a condo instead of a hotel room. Why? Because condos are less expensive, offer a full kitchen, a separate bedroom and most are still located in great spots with awesome ocean views. You get more bang for your buck.

imgEat breakfast in your condo. Eating out every single meal can get expensive. If you are staying in a condo you will have a full kitchen with a microwave and a coffee maker. You can eat breakfast on your lanai — and save money.

imgPack some lunches at in your condo. Because condos have a refrigerator, you can make your own lunches for any of your honeymoon day trips.


imgStay on the south side of the island. Why? Because West Maui is getting more and more crowded with traffic congestion. This could impact your getting to or from your South Maui wedding location (or make it difficult for us to reach you if you are getting married on the West Side). 

Maui Wedding Packages
With Prices Clearly Listed

imgOur prices are reasonable and affordable.  If you've checked our competition, you see that we provide great Maui weddings at affordable rates. We believe that the quality service we provide can be offered at reasonable rates.



imgTo save more money, choose one of our Maui Wedding Packages. We've created a lot of different packages which not only save you money, and they  make ordering your Maui wedding services... so much easier.


imgWe list all our prices right on our Maui Wedding Packages page. I want you to be able to read the prices ahead of time. You don't want surprises. I will always be completely upfront about our prices.

img"You did a wonderful job in helping our dream come true. Our minister did an excellent ceremony with us and with the entire wedding as well. The photos were SUPERB!!!!!"
-Carlos and Denise Mariso


imgIf you order a custom wedding or have a large group with a lot of special requests, you should use our ala carte menu and not the packages. Because custom weddings are so much more time-consuming, we have to offer a more flexible price scale depending on so what you want so that we can adequately service all of your Maui wedding needs.

imgYou can book your Maui wedding day on our schedule by giving us your deposit. Our deposit is a non-refundable $208.35 fee (that is taken off the price of your wedding), and it secures your date. (The deposit for larger custom weddings is more).

Get Your Own Maui Wedding Package

The best way to begin planning your Maui wedding is just to call me on my toll free number. I can quickly lead you through all of the things you imgmust do to make your exotic dream wedding into a success.

If you prefer, you can also email me, using the email button below. I help many brides book their weddings using nothing but email. But remember, I can't help you if you don't contact me.

Even though most of your questions can be answered on our website, please feel free to call to get any of your questions answered.  Save yourself some time because I can usually answer your questions quickly. Here are some of the things you can expect from me:

imgI promise to answer the telephone. You don't want to be frustrated at not being able to reach your Maui Wedding Planner because they don't answer their phone.



"I was sooo pleased with the coordination and thankful for such little effort Patrick & I had to put into it."
     --Patrick and Ashlee Matheny



imgIf I miss your call, I'll call you back soon. Your time is important, so I always try to call back promptly. You deserve to get your questions answered right away.

imgI keep regular hours. This is my full time business, so you know that I'm almost always here working for you.

imgI will treat you with the spirit of aloha. You should notice our attitude right from your first telephone call. I promise never to take you for granted.

imgLarge or small, your wedding will be planned carefully — that's a promise. I'm always just a phone call away.

imgCall me on our TOLL FREE line. You don't have to pay for the call. I have toll free numbers for both the US and Canadian couples. Call 1-800-856-3270 and Toll Free from Canada: 1-800-920-0611 and let's get started.


Let Me Take
All the Risk Away


You want to feel good about the Maui wedding planners who coordinate your wedding. And I want to take away any risk you might feel dealing with a company so far from your home. I guarantee that the wedding you order from Maui Me ® will be the wedding you receive.

imgYou can check up on our service with the Better Business Bureau. Our record is A+.

imgIf you want satisfied brides and grooms to talk to, just ask. I have a number of brides who will share with you about their Maui wedding experiences with Maui Me.

Call me and let's discuss just how exciting
our Maui weddings can be!


Call Susan TODAY!

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